Cacti Server

This is a simple “how to” to install and monitor a Cisco device.


Install dependencies:

sudo apt-get install php5 php5-gd php5-mysql

Install Cacti:

sudo apt-get install cacti-spine


Configuring Cacti:

Browse to http://<IP ADDRESS>/cacti

Hit next throughout the next few screens and your configuration is complete.

Here you need to enter username and password as admin/admin and click login


Configuring Cisco Routers:

On the Cisco Devices:

cisco(config)# snmp-server community Cacti ro

Optional Commands:

snmp-server location Kansas City, KS
snmp-server contact John Doe
snmp-server chassis-id Cisco Router


Adding Devices:

Under Management select Devices on the left, then “Create devices”.

1st Step

On the right side select Add across from Devices.

2nd Step

Under General Host Options fill in a Description and the fully qualified Hostname or IP address. Then under SNMP Options, in the SNMP Version choose Version 2 or Version 3 of SNMP (more secure). In SNMP Community type what you configured earlier on the router, again mine is “TEST”. Now click Create.

3rd Step

Once you have created this device it will now pull in your SNMP information such as device uptime, location, and contact info. Now in the top right click “Create Graphs for this Host”. Under Data Query a list of interfaces with statistics available via SNMP is shown. Select an interface that you wish to monitor and check the box next to it on the right. Then click Create.

To add the source to a graph, click Default Tree in the center under Graph Trees.

4th Step

Click Add all the way on the right from Tree Items.

5th Step

Under the Tree Items section, for Tree Item Type select Host in the dropdown list. For the Host item select the descriptive name you previously chose for your router. Graphic Template should be the default option for Graph Grouping Style, but just confirm it. Then click Create.

6th Step

When new host is successfully added it should be listed with tree items above. Click on the Graphs Tab and then the descriptive host name on the left bar and you should see your graphs.  The data may take a while to populate and this may take up to 10 to 15 minutes for you to see actual data.  To analyze the data you can click anywhere on the graph to get a better insight as to the information shown.

7th Step

Enjoy and if you have any questions comment or send me a message on the contact me page

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