PowerCLI Scripts: Finding Out-of-Date VMTools Versions

Why You Need This Script:

This is a simple, but powerful report to find any VMtools that are considered out of date.  If you aren’t aware, VMTools are vital for your VMs to run at their best.  VMtools include drivers, VMware tools to maximize performance, and add method for the ESXi vHost to monitor the VM with heartbeats.  And some may not know this, but as you upgrade or patch your ESXi vHost you may need to upgrade your tools.  There are plenty of generic scripts out there to do this sort of report, but this one has been tweaked to show you only the vital errors. Specifically, it removes any false positives for VMs that are running third-party tools (such as linux VMs),  VMs that are shut off, or VMs that are replica created by a backup software (such as Veeam) To run this script, download and install PowerCLI, download the script also attached at the end, and simply edit the script to include your either your vCenter’s IP/FQDN or a single ESXi vHost’s IP/FQDN.

What You Need To Download:

PowerCLI From VMWare: VMWare.com

Script: VMToolsReport

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