Projects In The Works

Router Projects Status
Third SSID (GUEST) BETA Testing
QoS Proposed
Zone-Based Firewall Proposed
DMZ Proposed
SRST Fallback Mode Proposed
IPv6 Network Proposed


ESXi Server Projects Status
Upgrade to 5.1 Proposed
Migrate Servers Datastores Proposed


New Server Projects Status
SMTP Server In Construction
UPnP Server In Construction
RADIUS Server In Construction
Firewall Proposed
PRTG Proposed
Netflow Server Canceled


File Server Projects Status
TFTP Service BETA Testing
FTP Service Alpha Testing
Export SNMP Data Proposed
Export Syslog Data Proposed
Update to Newest Version Proposed


Syslog Server Projects Status
Importing Windows Event Logs into Splunk Proposed
Add Alerts Proposed


SNMP Server Projects Status
Monitor Servers Research


Web Server Projects Status
Redundant/Load Balanced Web Servers Alpha Testing


MySQL Server Projects Status
No Projects At This Time N/A


AD/DNS Server Projects Status
*>Add DNS Entry For Website Finalizing
Install Remote Software BETA Testing
Scripts To Map Network Drives In Construction
Enable Roaming AD Profiles Proposed


VoIP Projects Status
Wireless IP Phone System BETA Testing
*>Google Voice Trunk In Construction
Call Manager Server (CUCM) In Construction
PBX Server In Construction
Customizing IP Phones In Construction
IP Phone Directories In Construction
Intercom Features Research
Call Park Features Proposed
Call Forwarding Features Proposed
Voicemail Proposed


End Computer Projects Date
RealVNC BETA Testing
Wake-on-LAN (WOL) Proposed


Projects Completed

Project Date
Upgrade Splunk Oct 4th, 2012
SSL-VPN Oct 3rd, 2012
File Server Sept 22nd, 2012
Install Webmin May 2nd, 2012
Edit Group Policy Feb 8th, 2012
Bridging Interfaces Jan 31st, 2012
SNMP Server Jan 22nd, 2012
Updating Splunk Dec 2nd, 2011
X-Box Media Center (XBMC) July 6th, 2011
Second SSID – MillerNET Apr 20th, 2011
Tracking Website Stats Apr 7th, 2011
Syslog Server Mar 10th, 2011
Ultra VNC Mar 3rd, 2011

*> (Denotes Priority)