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Handy Cisco Commands

Here is a list of some unknown and very helpful Cisco Commands in IOS.

1) Reload after a specific time or after a specific amount of time:

reload [text | in [hh:]mm [text] | at hh:mm [month day | day month] [text] | cancel]


Router# reload in 10

-This command will reload the device in 10 minutes.  This is a perfect Cisco command to use if you are not sure if the next set of commands will terminate your connection to it and you need to reverse it without consoling in.

Router# reload at 16:00

-This Cisco command will reload the device at 4:00pm.

Router# reload cancel

-This Cisco command simply cancels the reload if it planned in the future.

2) Resetting an Interface to a Default State

Router(config)# Default interface (Interface)

-This simple cisco command will reset an interface back to the default state for further configuration

3) Show Filters

Router# show run | section interface

-This filter will show the section of the configuration about the keyword, in this case interface.

Router# show run | begin interface

-This filter will find the first time the keyword is used and show the configuration from that point forward.

Router# show run | include ospf

-This filter will show any command that has been entered into the running configuration that includes a command with the work ospf in it.

Router# show run | exclude ospf

-This filter will remove every line with the keyword in it.

4) The Alias Cisco Command

Router(config)#alias exec s show ip interface brief

-The command is powerful. Using the alias command you can specify that when you are in the exec mode and you type “s” it will in turn input the full show ip interface brief command for you. This will save minutes and maybe hours of typing long commands. The alias Cisco command can be used on any letter and make it do any cisco command.

5) Key Cisco Commands

Ctrl+A Move cursor to the beginning of the line
Ctrl+E Move cursor to the end of the line
Up Retrieve last command from history
Down Retrieve next command from history
Ctrl+W Erase previous word
Ctrl+U Erase the entire line
Ctrl+C Exit configuration mode
Ctrl+Z Apply the current command and exit configuration mod

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